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0.0001g A001 Series Analytical Balance

0.0001g A001 Series Analytical Balance

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0.0001g A001 Series Analytical Balance 


1. Electromagnetic sensor
2. LCD backlight display, easy and clear
3.Atmosphere wave filtering and optimization-several antivibration filtering level adjustable, the weigh result is more rapid and stable 
4. Operator-friendly, direct weigh, directly read the weighing result
5. Highly smart, tare and back to zero within the whole weighing scope, overload display

6. Multi-mode choice: counting, percentage weigh, density weigh


Model A001-114 A001-124 A001-214 A001-224
Max weigh scope 110g 120g 210g 220g
Precision level I I I I
Weigh scope 0~110g 0~120g 0~210g 0~220g
value of scale division 0.0001g
Standard weights value 100g 100g 200g 200g
Repeatable tolerance ±0.0003g
Linear tolerance ±0.0003g
Stable time ≈3s
Pre-heat time 60-120 minutes
Operation temperature 20±2.5℃
Pan diameter Φ90mm
Overall dimensions 325X205X305mm
Weigh chamber dimensions 180X175X200(L*W*H)
Net weight ≈6kg
Gross weight ≈8kg
Adapter power supply 120V-220V,50Hz,15V/600mA
Package size 460X360X400(L*W*H)



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