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AE-780 Surface Resistance

AE-780 Surface Resistance

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AE-780 Surface Resistance

The AE-780 Surface Resistance Meter is an easy to use tester for measuring surface resistivity. This meter is designed to be used in all facets of material production including engineering, maintenance, quality control, incoming inspection, manufacturing, research, or sales departments for the testing of anti-static mats, floor finishes, paints, wrist straps, smocks, foot wear, bags and containers.
When using the built-in electrodes, the meter’s test values for surface resistivity are in ohms per square (although they are displayed in ohms). When using the external five pound electrodes, the meter’s test values for resistance are in ohms.
Dimension: approx 70mm x 130mm x 35mm
Weight: approx. 103 grams
Power: Battery operated 9 volt
Connections: 2 x 3.5mm jack plug for each earth connection
Test Range: 103 to 1012
Dissipative Range: 3 x 105 to 3 x 109 1/2 Decade between each decade on a logarithmic scale
Example: 1 x 105 x 3.21=3 x 105 (1/2 Decade Measurement) x 3.21=1×106
Method of Measurement: Surface Resistivity (Ohms per square); Point to Point Resistance (Ohms); Accuracy:- +/- 0.5 Decade in Conductive Range; +/- 0.25 Decade in Dissipative Range


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