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AMC-108 Multifunctional Digital GPS Barometric Altimeter Compass

AMC-108 Multifunctional Digital GPS Barometric Altimeter Compass

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AMC-108 Multifunctional Digital GPS Barometric Altimeter Compass

1. GPS, Beidou doulble navigation system, double stalite locate, speed, distance, 9 groups route tracking
2. Altitude gain and loss, 24 hours altitude data record and rend chart
3. Altitude remind, setting 1-200meters
4. Target altitude setting
5. History max/ min alatitude, temperature and humidity
6. 24hours air pressure trend chart 
7. 16 directions digital compass
8. Temperature, hygrometer, time, date, alarm clock, LED torch
9. USB charge
10. IPX4 waterproof 
1. Display range: -2296 ft to 29500ft  (-700m to 9000m)
2. Resolution: 1m/3ft
3. Altimeter measurement: Sea level altitude / Climbing altitude
4. The highest altitude record automatically during climbing: Available
5. Altitude gain/loss calculation: Yes
6. History altitude record: Record altitude every 30 minute
7. Unit: M and Ft unit switch available
1. Display range: 300hpa to 1100hpa (8.8 to 32.6inHg)
2. Resolution: 0.1hpa
3. Unit: Millibar and INhg unit switch available
1. Display range: -20℃ to 60℃ (-4℉ to 140℉)
2. Resolution: 1℃ / 1℉
3. Unit: Celsius and Fahrenheit unit switch available
4. History temperature record: Max / min temperature record
1. Display range: 20% ~ 95%
2. History humidity record: Max / min humidity record
1. Display mode: 360o with eight directions
2. Resolution: 1°
Weather forecast:
1. Forecast: Forecast for future 12 to 24 hours weather
2. Four weather status: Sunny-Slight sunny-Cloudy-Rain
Time & Date
1. Display mode: 24H or 12H available
LED torch
1. LED torch: High-light LED torch
1. Backlight: 5 seconds high-light LED backlight
2. Waterproof: IPX4
3. Item weight: 0.14kgs
4. Product demension: 100 X 66 X 20mm
5. Package: 1pcs/gift box, 100pcs/ master carton
6. Master carton demension: 58 x 43 x 30cm
7. Master carton weight: G.W. 12kgs, N.W.10kgs


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