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AMF067A Mini Film Coating Thickness Meter

AMF067A Mini Film Coating Thickness Meter



AMF067A Mini Film Coating Thickness Meter

Product functions:
1. Measuring the non-magnetic film on the magnetic metal substrate
2.Thickness measurement of non-magnetic surface coatings on magnetic metal substrates

3. Automatically identifying the non-magnetic metal substrate or magnetic metal substrate
4. Single measurement, continuous measurement and diferential measurement available calibration, 2-point calibration and basic calibration available
6. Metric and imperial units of measurement optional
7. LCD backlight
8 Automatic shutdown
Product Description:
This unit can make a quick and effective measurement of the thickness of the non- magnetic metal film on the nonmagnetic metal substrate and the non magnetic film of the magnetic metal substrate, be able to identify the magnetic or nonmagnetic metal substrate automatically, widely be applied in manufacturing industry, metal process, chemical industry, and business inspection.
Product Specifications:

Measurement ranges: 0-1500μm/0~59mil / 0-1.5mm
Resolution: 0.1μm(<100μm),1μm(≥100μm))/ 0.1mil/0.001mm
Measuring error: ≤150μm  ±5μm
                           >150μm  ±(3%H+1μm)
Minimum diameter of magnetic substrate: 12mm
Minimum thickness of magnetic substrate: 0.5mm
Minimum curvature radius of convex magnetic substrate: 2mm
Minimum curvature radius of concave magnetic substrate: 11mm
Minimum radus of non-magnetic: 50mm
Minimum substrate of nonmagnetic substrate: 50mm
Operating temperature range: 0-40℃
Operating humidity range :10-95%RH
Power supply: 2*1.5V AAA batterie
Overall dimensions: 61.98*30.57*107.99mm
Weight :63.98(excluding of batteries)


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