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AMT501,501U,501X,Precise Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter)

AMT501,501U,501X,Precise Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter)

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Precise Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter)

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AMT501:     Standard Model
AMT501U:  with Camera for Sample View
AMT501X:  AMT501 + Powder Sampler


1. The 2.4” width colorful screen and portable design
2. Three kinds of light sources for selection, SCI and SCE mode switch and metamerism analysis for different working status
3. Tolerance setting, humanizational auto-judge color difference values and color deviation for judging the color easily
4. Professional color analysis software for doing the color data analysis and color difference diagrammatic outputting
5. The optical mini printer fulfil the output of data
6. Can test various materials including powder


1. Repeat accuracy: 0.08 (Test the standard white tabula for 30 times to get the average value)
2. Lighting/inspecting system: 8/d (8°Falloff/diffuse reflection); SCI (include Flat Mirror Light); SCE (eliminate Flat Mirror Light)
3. Light source: White light source
4. Inspection angle: 10˚ Angle of view in CIE
5. Inspection conditions: D65
6. Rectification: White board rectification; Black board rectification
7. Storage: 12 groups of standard samples and it can keep 30 groups of sample values under every standard sample
8. Display: L*a*b*; L*c*h* Chroma values and △E*ab; (△L*a*b*); (△L*c*h*) color difference values
9. Test caliber: 8mm
10. Power: 4 alkaline batteries or nickel batteries special adapter (DC:5V)
11. Size: 77×86×210mm
12. Weight: 550g


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