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AMT525,AMT526,AMT527 Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter)

AMT525,AMT526,AMT527 Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter)

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Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter)

Model AMT525 AMT526 AMT527
Illuminating/Viewing Geometry 8°/d
Light Source D65, D50A D65
Measuring aperture Φ4mm, Φ8mm Φ8mm
Color Space CIE L*a*b*C*h*, L*a*b*, XYZ, RGB, L*u*v*, L*C*h Yellowness & Whiteness Color Fastness CIE L*a*b*C*h*, L*a*b*
Color Difference Formula ΔE*ab, ΔL*a*b*, ΔE*C*h*, ΔE CIE94, ΔE hunter ΔE*ab, ΔL*a*b*, ΔE*C*h*
Extended Aperture (optional) Φ8mm extended aperture, available for measuring concave surface  
Repeatability ΔE*ab: ≤0.06 ΔE*ab: ≤0.07 ΔE*ab: ≤0.08
Record 100 Standards, 20000 Samples
Interface USB
Battery rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7V @3200mAh
Lamp Life 5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements 3 years, more than 1.0 million measurements
Optional accessory mini thermal printer mini thermal printer, powder test box


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