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Banknote Counter KX-993K Serials

Banknote Counter KX-993K Serials

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Banknote Counter KX-993K Serials

Scientific design, beautiful appearance. perfect performance, high accuracy, completely good for bank, post and emporium.
Main functions:
1.  Self-check and error code hint
2.  Automatic clear, Automatic reset, Automatic on and off
3.  Counting ways: count, accumulate, preset
4.  Abnormal notes recognition: It will stop when meeting worn notes, half note, joint notes or double notes.
5.  outer display: for user’s intendance (optional, not include)
Approved: CE, UL, CCC
1.  Environmental temperature: 0~40ºC
2.  Moisture : 40~90%
3.  Power source : AC220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
4.  Max power : <80W
5.  Counting speed: >900pcs
6.  No-load running noise: ≤60dB(A)
7.  Banknotes size range: 115×50~180×85mm
8.  Banknotes thickness range : 0.075~0.15mm
9.  Display: 4 digits counting display;3digits preset display
10. Preset number range: 1~999
11. Inner box size: 36×29.5×24cm G.W.: 8kg/pcs
12. Master carton size: 61×38×27cm G.W.: 17kg/2pcs
Order Number:
KX-993K1: for any currency with counterfeit detection (UV)
KX-993K2: counting any currency 
KX-993K3: specially for Taiwan notes (UV, MG, Spectrum and Digital)
KX-993K5: specially for USD (UV, MG, Spectrum and Digital)
KX-993K6: specially for Euro (UV, MG, Spectrum and Digital)


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