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Benchtop High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge TGL-16MC TGL-18MC TGL-20MC TGL-22MC TGL-24MC

Benchtop High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge TGL-16MC TGL-18MC TGL-20MC TGL-22MC TGL-24MC

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Benchtop High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
1. Imported CFC-free compressor, two-cycle refrigeration, no pollution, high accuracy of temperature. The temperature can be controlled within -20℃ ~ +40℃. Rotors can be pre-cooling in a stopped state.
2. Equipped with digital screen, microprocessor control and brush-less AC frequency conversion motor without carbon dust pollution.
3.Eight different programs with the function of automatic storing the information.

1. Max Speed:  
    TGL-24MC: 24000r/min 
    TGL-22MC: 22000r/min
    TGL-20MC: 20000r/min 
    TGL-18MC: 18000r/min
    TGL-16MC: 16000r/min
2. Max RCF:
    TGL-24MC: 47800xg 
    TGL-22MC: 34700xg 
    TGL-20MC: 27800xg 
    TGL-18MC: 23500xg
    TGL-16MC: 17800xg
3. Max Capacity: 4 x 100ml
4. Speed Accuracy: ±20r/min
5. Temp Accuracy: ±1°C
6. Temp Range: -20°C ~ +40°C
7. Timer Range: 0~99min
8. Motor Microprocessor control, Frequency conversion motor
9. Noise: ≤60dB(A)
10. Power Supply: AC220V&110V 50-60Hz 18A
11. Dimension: 610x622x360mm (LxWxH)
12. Weight: 65kg

Optional Rotors:
Please choose the rotors from follows, all rotors optional. 
NO.1  Model CR-1: Max Speed:24000r/min; Max Capacity:12×1.5/2.2ml AR; Max RCF:47800xg
NO.2  Model CR-2: Max Speed:13000r/min; Max Capacity:8×5ml AR; Max RCF:11400xg
NO.3  Model CR-3: Max Speed:12000r/min; Max Capacity:12×10/15ml AR; Max RCF:14800xg
NO.4  Model CR-4: Max Speed:13500r/min; Max Capacity:24×1.5/2.2ml AR; Max RCF:17000xg
NO.5  Model CR-5: Max Speed:13500r/min; Max Capacity:18×0.5ml AR; Max RCF:17000xg
NO.6  Model CR-6: Max Speed:13500r/min; Max Capacity:36×1.5/2.2ml AR; Max RCF:17600xg
NO.7  Model CR-7: Max Speed:11000r/min; Max Capacity:6×50ml AR; Max RCF:12000xg
NO.8  Model CR-8: Max Speed:10000r/min; Max Capacity:4×100ml AR; Max RCF:9800xg
NO.9  Model CR-9: Max Speed:4000r/min; Max Capacity:2×2×48 holes; Max RCF:1760xg
NO.10  Model CR-10: Max Speed:13000r/min; Max Capacity:6×30ml AR; Max RCF:17000xg
NO.11  Model CR-11: Max Speed:13000r/min; Max Capacity:6×15ml AR; Max RCF:15100xg
NO.12  Model CR-12: Max Speed:8000r/min; Max Capacity:8×50ml AR; Max RCF:9800xg


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