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D3024R High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

D3024R High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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D3024R High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
•User-friendly large LCD display provides all visual information
•Quiet and stable operation benefit lab environment
•Brushless motor drives quickly and effortlessly accelerates the rotor to set speed
•Fully autoclavable Bio-safe rotor
•Dual door interlock design, more safe 
•Powerful cooling system guarantee 4℃ at maximum speed 
•High performance price ratio and cost effective operation
Max. Speed 15000rpm (300-15000rpm), increment:10rpm
Max. RCF 21380×g, increment:10×g
Rotor 2ml×24, 0.5ml×36, PCR8 serial tube
Run Time 30sec~99min~HOLD (Continuous operation)
Temperature Range -2040
Refrigerant HFC134a
Driving Motor Brushless Motor
Safety Devices Door Interlock, Over-Speed/Over-Temperature Detector, Automatic Internal Diagnosis
Power Single-Phase, 220v~240v,50Hz/60Hz,10A; 110v~120v,50Hz/60Hz,10A
Dimensions (L)338 × (W)580 × (H)324mm
Weight 30kg
Additional Features Speed/Acceleration switch, Short-Time Run Function, sound-alert Function


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