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Flash Chromatography Columns

Flash Chromatography Columns

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Flash Chromatography Columns

The Flash chromatography columns are made of polypropylene, packed with narrow-dispersion silica-based packing. These columns can be easily connected to commercial Flash purification systems via Luer fittings, acting as a handy tool for separation and purification.

1981-S001 Flash Column, Silica 12g
1981-S002 Flash Column, Silica 25g
1981-S003 Flash Column, Silica 40g
1981-S004 Flash Column, Silica 80g
1981-S005 Flash Column, Silica 120g
1981-C001 Flash Column, C18 12g
1981-C002 Flash Column, C18 25g
1981-C003 Flash Column, C18 40g
1981-C004 Flash Column, C18 80g
1981-C005 Flash Column, C18 120g
1981-N001 Flash Column, NH2 12g
1981-N002 Flash Column, NH2 25g
1981-N003 Flash Column, NH2 40g
1981-N004 Flash Column, NH2 80g
1981-N005 Flash Column, NH2 120g


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