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FM-207-1K Digital Force Gauge

FM-207-1K Digital Force Gauge

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Digital Force Gauge FM-207-1K
* High accuracy and high resolution.
* Digital display with no guessing or errors.
* With 4 measurement unit for selection and conversion, N, kg, lb, g.
* With peak value hold function.
* With data memory function, can memorize 99 groups of data.
* With 10 minutes auto power off and manual power off.
* Power can be supplied by either alkaline battery or 6V DC power.
* Use USB/RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
* Provide Bluetooth data output choice.
1. Force Range: ±1kgf; ±1000gf; ±9.8N; ±2.2Lbf
2. Resolution: 0.001kgf; 1gf; 0.001N; 0.001Lbf
3. Accuracy: ±0.2% FS ±1 Digit
4. Unit: Kgf, gf, N, Lbf
5. Measurement State: Peak Value Measurement, Real Time Measurement
6. Display: 2 Reversed 4 Digit LCD
7. Power Off: 10 Minutes Auto Power Off, Manual Power Off
8. Backlight: Blue Backlight
9. Safe Load: 150% FS  (Buzzer Alarm Over 110% FS)
10. Data Output: USB, Bluetooth
11. Power Supply: 2 x 1.5 AA (UM-3) Battery or 6VDC Power Supply
12. Operating Conditions: Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C; Humidity: <80%
13. Surrounding: No Vibration Source or Corrosive Medium Around
14. Weight: 390g
15. Size: 211 x 80 x 36mm


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