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H61 Impact Echo Concrete Thickness Tester

H61 Impact Echo Concrete Thickness Tester



Impact Echo Concrete Thickness Tester H61

H61 impact echo thickness tester is based on the principle of the impact echo, measuring the thickness of one-side concrete. Mainly used for the thickness of the floor, wall thickness, thickness of tunnel concrete, thickness of pavement concrete, airport runway and other concrete thickness measurement.
1. Simple to use. Using the shock wave nondestructive testing, without drilling, coring or other way.
2. Large color LCD screen: 5″ color LCD screen display, resolution of 640 x 480, clear and friendly interface.
3. Can display the waveform of impact echo: can directly display the waveform at site, making it easy for the user to observe the impact effect and to ensure the accuracy of the test results.
4. Large storage capacity. Be able to record more than 20000 test point data, convenient for the user.
5. The built-in lithium battery. Instrument use the built-in lithium battery, which is rechargeable.
6. The real USB data transmission. Can rapidly transfer the test data into the computer for further analysis.
7. Can save the test date. Save the test date, convenient for data management.
8. Can be customized in Chinese and English. Can meet the demand of domestic users, but also can satisfy users in overseas markets.
9. Powerful professional windows data analysis processing software: data can be imported into Word and Excel, convenient for post-processing of data.
Technical Data/Measurement
1. Measuring range: 5 cm to 110 cm;
2. Test accuracy: <1%;
3. Data storage capacity: can record up to 20000 test data;
4. Display mode: color LCD screen, 640 x 480 resolution;
5. The built-in lithium battery, can use up to 8 hours;
6. Working temperature: – 10 ~ + 50°C;
7. Instrument size: 208 x168 x168 mm;
8. Weight: 960g.


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