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KL-4101 Digital Instant Read Thermometer

KL-4101 Digital Instant Read Thermometer

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KL-4101 Digital Instant Read Thermometer


1. Big LCD display for easy reading
2. Speedy measuring, wide range
3. Manual ON/OFF, auto power off
4. ˚C/˚F conversion
5. Stainless steel measuring spindle, easy to clean 
6. With protective plastic tube for easy storing
7. With special steel clip for holding the thermometer when measuring hot object
8. One 1.55V silver oxide cell battery can last 12 months
9. Blister colour card for packing
10. Widely used for measuring cooking or barbecuing food, milk, drink, water and air, etc.. It can also be used for common measuring in industry or laboratory 
11. Weight: 18g
1. Resolution: 0.1˚C / 0.1˚F
2. Range: -40˚C-200˚C/-40˚F-392˚F
3. Accuracy: ±1˚C(0-100˚C)/±1.8˚F(-32-212˚F); ±2˚C/±3.6˚F (others)


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