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KP-Series Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaner Series

KP-Series Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaner Series

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KP-Series Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaner Series

1. Original BLT type transducer
2. SUS304 stainless steel housing
3. Hard-Cr plating
4. Adaptable for continuous operation
5. Adjustable ultrasonic power
6. With separate control ultrasonic electronic generator
7. User friendly operation
8. Custom made is available


KP-1006 KP-1012 KP-1018 KP-1024 KP-1030 KP-1036
Overall Dimension (mm) L 305 355 406 500 550 500
W 250 305 305 355 406 460
H 100 100 100 100 100 100
Housing Material SUS304
Surface Finishing Hard-Cr Plating Treatment (20+ microns)
Frequency 28kHz/40kHz
Total Transducer 6 12 18 24 30 36
Max Output Power 300W 600W 900W 1200W 1500W 1800W
Electronic Generator separate
Generator Power AC220/240V, 13AMP
Note: Special requirements (Size, Material, Frequency) can be made according to client’s requirement, OEM also welcome.


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