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Laser Distance Meter AND40 AND60 AND80 AND100

Laser Distance Meter AND40 AND60 AND80 AND100

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Laser Distance Meter AND40 AND60 AND80 AND100

This Professional Distance Meter employs laser technology to measure distance, area and volume accurately, quickly and conveniently. In addition,this meter can measure distances or height indirectly base on Pythagorean Theorem when direct measurement is not feasible.
1. Model:
AND40: 0.05-40m (0.16~131FT)
AND60: 0.05-60m (0.16~196FT)
AND80: 0.05-80m (0.16~262FT)
AND100: 0.05-100m (0.16~328FT)
2. Case of Meter: ABS Plastic 
3. Measuring Accuracy: ±2mm
4. Laser wavelength and power: 620-690nm, <1mw
5. Measuring Unit: M/Ft/In
6. Historical data record: 20 groups
7. Size of meter: 110*40*24mm
8. Weight of meter: 72g
9. Package: 50pcs per carton box
10. Measuring Functions: Level measuring, Air bulb
11. Distance, Area, Volume, Pythagorean Calculation, Plus and Minus, Scan (Max/Min) function. 


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