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MB60 MB61 MB62 Moisture Analyzer

MB60 MB61 MB62 Moisture Analyzer

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MB60 MB61 MB62 Moisture Analyzer

1. Min. weight of sample: 0.5g 
2. Moisture accuracy: 0.01%
3. Propose sample weight: 0-10g
4. Heating time: 1~99 minutes (stepping is 10s.)
5. Heating way: Halogen lamp
6. Working temperature: 10°C~30°C
7. Heating temperature: 50°C ~ 160°C (stepping is 1°C)
8. Display (Dot-matrix LCD): Solid %, Moisture %, g, Time, °C
9. Pan size: 100mm
10. Material breakdown: PBT, STAINLESS IRON 304
11. Size: 285×160×150mm

Model MB62 MB61 MB60
Readability 0.001g 0.005g  0.01g
Capacity 0-50 g
Repeatability 0.20% 0.30% 0.50%


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