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MG268-F2 Professional 3 Angles Gloss meter

MG268-F2 Professional 3 Angles Gloss meter

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Professional  3 Angles Gloss meter MG268-F2

1. For all types of coatings and finished surface such as paints, varnishes, printed ink, etc.
2. Decorative materials such as marble, granite, ceramic tile, polished brick and others.
3. Other kinds of materials and objects such as plastic, wood, paper, etc.
4. All kinds of metal materials and their coatings.
1. Serial data via RS-232 serial cable interface
2. Data Operator Software Included
3. Memory capacity of 10000 measurements that can be classified into 999 groups
4. Power Consumption: a single AA battery, rechargeable or alkaline
Reading Range: 0~199.9~2000GU
Deviations: ±1.5;±1.5%GU
Measuring Area: 9 x 10/9 x 16/ 5 x 39mm2
Angle of Incidence: 20°/60°/85°
Dimensions (L×W×H): 155 x 48 x 75mm
Weight: 400g


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