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NF-633 Displayport Cable Tester

NF-633 Displayport Cable Tester

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NF-633 Displayport Cable Tester

1. Check disorder, short and open status of Cable, and distinguish exactly which cable is wrong.
2. Cable tested DisplayPort1.0, Display Port 1.1(VESA)
    1)Display Port Cable
    2) Mini Display Port Cable
    3)Display Port to Mini Display Port Cable
3. Support Test
    No.1 ~  No.19 pin-pin wire map and shield detection, and 20th detection.
4. two testing modes: Sweep and continuity  
5. Testing result displays
   19 LEDs and Shield Led on both Master and Remote Unit
    20th LED only on Mater Unit

 Cables versions support  Display Port Cable/ Mini Display Port Cable / Display Port to Mini Display Port Cable
 Support test  19 pin to pin wiremap and shielding detection
 Test interface of master unit  Displayport x1, Mini displayport x1
 Test mode  Fast / slow scan / step by step
 Test distance  Under 50 meters
 Status Display  19 leds and shield led on both master and remote unit
 Beeper indication  Yes
 Low battery indication  6.0V
 Power source  DC 9V (NEAD 1604/ 6F22) x1 (not included)
 Environment  Operating:0 to 40 < 80% RH
 Storage:-10 to 50 <70%RH
 Dimensions  Master unit:103x66x27mm
 Remote unit:103x35x27mm


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