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NF-902 Optical Light Source

NF-902 Optical Light Source

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NF-902 Optical Light Source

1. work with NF-906 optical power meter.
2. A fast,stable and cost effective test solution.
3. Provide 2 wavelengths output:1310,1550nm.
4. CW/ 270Hz,1KHz,2KHz modulation output.
5. FC connector is included, (LC/SC/ST connector for option).

Model NF-902
Power detecting range(dBm) -70 ~ +10
Wavelenth (nm) 1310, 1550
Emitter type FP-LD
Output power -7dBm
Modulation frequencies CW/270Hz,1Hz,2Hz
Fiber Type SM/MM
Optical connector 2.5mm universal connectors
Automatic shutdown time 15mins
Battery serving time 60h
Power supply 9V


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