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OS270 Cooking Oil Quality Tester

OS270 Cooking Oil Quality Tester

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OS270 Cooking Oil Quality Tester

1. Easy operation, field testing, suitable for a variety of testing conditions
2. Fast measurement, getting result within 15 seconds with sound-light alarm
3. Adopting food-grade materials, safety and eco-friendly for probes
4. Waterproof design, class IP65
5. Using AAA battery, 500 times measurement
6. Adopting streamlined design, according to Ergonomics, easy handling and preventing it to fall apart
7. Special design for probe in order to reduce residual oil and easy for clean.
8. Warning Alarm of TPM range is available for setting
9. Factory Default is available
10. Current result data holding is available
11. Backlight and button sound setting are available


1. Temperature measure range: 10.0~200.0°C (50-392°F)
2. Temperature resolution: ±0.1°C
3. Temperature accuracy: ±1.0°C
4. TPM measure range: 0.5~40%
5. TPM accuracy: ±2% (40.0~190.0°C)
6. TPM resolution: ±0.1%
7. Temperature sensor: PTC Sensor
8. TPM sensor: Capacitive sensor
9. TPM response time: <15S
10. LED status alert: Green, Orange, Red
11. Operating temperature: 0 ~+50°C
12. Storage temperature: -20 ~+70°C
13. Display: LCD display
14. Frame material: ABS engineering plastics
15. Probe material: Food-grade stainless steel
16. Protection grade: IP 65
17. Power supply: 2 units AAA batteries
18. Battery life below: 20°C About 25 hours of continuous use time (the corresponding measuring 500 times)
19. Dimension: 367 X 48 X 24mm
20. Weight (with the probe cases): 165g

21. Bluetooth: Yes
22. WiFi: Yes
23. Auto-Calibrate: Yes


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