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RT-1000 Digital Resistance Temperature Humidity Meter

RT-1000 Digital Resistance Temperature Humidity Meter

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RT-1000 Digital Resistance Temperature Humidity Meter

The RT-1000 Resistance, resistivity ,temperature, humidity Test kit is easy to operate, compact, lightweight, portable meter designed to measure temperature, humidity and electrical resistivity/resistance. Using both internal and external test probes, the meter will measure resistivity, resistance to ground, resistance between two points according to EOS/ ESD association standards- S4.1, S6.1, S7.1, S11.11 and European standard CECC-EN 1000/15. With the accessory probes the meter can test the electrical circuitry of the building, ESD chairs, and smocks. Additional probes are available to measure
heel straps, wrist straps, and small parts using miniature probes, and a concentric ring probe.
1. Resistivity Test Ranges: 1 x 103 – 9 x 106 ohms @10volts; 1 x 106 – 9 x 1012 ohms @100 volts
2. Dimensions: 7.50 inch (19.05cm)L x 4.00 inch (10.16 cm) W x 1.5 inch (3.81cm) H.
3. Current Limit: 1 milliamp DC current for 10 volts; 0.1 milliamp DC current for 100 volts.
4. Accuracy: 103~108 ohms +/-10%; 109~1010 ohms +/-15%; 1011~1012 ohms +/-25%
5. Zero: Automatic zeroing
6. Operating Conditions: 32°F-100°F (0~38°C)


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