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UT207A UT208A UT209A Digital Clamp Meters 1000A

UT207A UT208A UT209A Digital Clamp Meters 1000A

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UT207A UT208A UT209A Digital Clamp Meters 1000A

The 1000A AC/DC digital clamp meter is stable, safe and reliable with low power consumption. Its full range overload protection and unique appearance design make it the ideal tool for maintenance and repair of electrical and power lines up to 1000A AC.

1. 1000A AC/DC current measurement, 3/s sampling rate
2. Zeroing function with relative mode
3. LCD backlight
4. Data hold
5. Auto power off and low battery indication
Model   UT207A UT208A UT209A
AC Current (A) 40A/400A/1000A ±(2%+2) ±(2%+2) ±(2%+8)
DC Current (A) 40A/400A/1000A ±(1.5%+5) ±(1.5%+5) ±(1.5%+8)
AC Voltage (V) 400mV/4V/40V/400V/750V ±(1.2%+3) ±(1.2%+3) ±(1.2%+5)
DC Voltage (V) 400mV/4V/40V/400V/1000V ±(0.8%+1) ±(0.8%+1) ±(0.8%+1)
Resistance (Ω) 400Ω/4kΩ/40kΩ/400kΩ/4MΩ/40MΩ ±(1%+2) ±(1%+2) ±(1%+2)
Capacitance (F) 4nF/40nF/400nF/4μF/40μF/100μF   ±(4%+3)  
Frequency (Hz) 10Hz/100Hz/1kHz/10kHz/1MHz/10MHz ±(0.1%+3) ±(0.1%+3) ±(0.1%+3)
Temperature (°C) -40 °C ~ 1000°C   ±(2.5%+3)  
Display Count   4000 4000 4000
Auto Range  
Jaw Capacity   55mm 55mm 55mm
True RMS AC Voltage/AC Current    
Duty Cycle 0.1%~99.9%


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