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VORTEX2 Vortex Mixer Adjustable Speed

VORTEX2 Vortex Mixer Adjustable Speed

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Vortex Mixer Adjustable Speed VORTEX2

Voltage : 220~230V/110~120V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Power: 60W
Shaking movement : orbital
Orbital diameter : 4mm
Motor rating input : 58W
Motor rating output : 10W
Permissible ON time : 100%
Speed range : 0~2500RPM
Speed display: Scale
Run type : Continuous/touch operation
Dimensions [W×H×D] : 127×130×160mm
Weight : 3.5Kg
Permissible ambient temperature : 5 ~ 40oC
Permissible relative humidity : 80%
Protection class acc. to DIN EN60529: IP21

Optional Head
Order Number Serviceable Range

Operation Mode

MX-SS Top cup for test tube and small vessels Continuous/Touch operation
MX-S1 Universal top plate for S2-S6 Continuous operation
MX-S2 For 48 test tubes Ø6mm Continuous operation
MX-S3 For 18 test tubes Ø10mm Continuous operation
MX-S4 For 12 test tubes Ø12mm Continuous operation
MX-S5 For 8 test tubes Ø16mm Continuous operation
MX-S6 For 8 test tubes Ø20mm Continuous operation


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