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XSP-105 Series Biological Microscope

XSP-105 Series Biological Microscope

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XSP-105 Series Biological Microscope

With sharp image and reasonable unit price, it is an ideal instrument for student use.

Specification:   XSP-105A XSP-105B XSZ-104
Eyepiece Huygens Eyepiece H5×,H10×
Huygens Eyepiece H12.5×    
Huygens Eyepiece H16×  
Objective Achromatic Objective 10×,40×
Achromatic Objective 4×,60×
Achromatic Objective 100×
Nosepiece Triple Nosepiece
Stage Plain Stage with Slide Clips 110×120mm  
Attachable Mechanical Stage 110×120mm/ 60×30mm
Condenser Disc Diaphragm    
Iris Diaphragm    
Abbe with Iris Diaphragm and Filter    
Plan-concave Mirror
Attachable Illuminator
Filter Blue Filter    
Green Filter    


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