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ZD-2 Automatic Potential Titration Meter

ZD-2 Automatic Potential Titration Meter

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ZD-2 Automatic Potential Titration Meter 


 1. It can control titration endpoint according to preset potential.
 2. It can pre-control potential adjustment.
 3. It adopts solenoid valve for controlling dropping liquid.
 4. It has manual, automatic and constant pH (potential) titration modes.
 5. It is equipped with delay circuit of titration endpoint.
 6. It is suitable for potential titration for laboratory volumetric analysis.
 7. It is equipped with JB-1A stirrer.
 1. Measuring range: pH: (0.00~14.00)pH, mV:(-1400~1400)mV   
 2. Resolution: pH: 0.01pH; mV: 1mV
 3. Accuracy: pH:±0.03pH±1 bit; mV:±0.35%FS
 4. Stability:±0.01pH/3h
 5. Input impedance>=3 x 1011Ω
 6. Power: AC (220±22)V,  (50±1) Hz
 7. Dimension (mm): 300 x 235 x 100
 8. Net Weight: 3kg
 9. Package Size: 490X410X300mm; Gross Weight: 4kg


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