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DDS-307 Professional Conductivity Meter

DDS-307 Professional Conductivity Meter



Professional Conductivity Meter DDS-307

This precision meter is for laboratory and can be used for measuring the conductivity of distilled water, drinking water, industrial water and other liquid. 
Range: 0.001 ~ 200000μS/cm
Scale 1: 0.001~2μS/cm
Scale 2: 0.01~20μS/cm
Scale 3: 0.1~200μS/cm
Scale 4: 0.001~2ms/cm
Scale 5: 0.01~20ms/cm
Scale 6: 0.1~200mS/cm
Accuracy: ±1% Full Scale
ATC: 15~40°C
Power: DC9V 100mA
Size: 208×200×76mm
Weight: 390g


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