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0.01g A002-B Series Balance

0.01g A002-B Series Balance

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0.01g A002-B Series Balance


1.LCD display screen, more clear and bright
2.Body is made of aluminum materials
3.Plastic windshield, samples can be seen entirely and clearly
4.External CAL function
5.With count weighing mode
6.Filtering adjustable function
7.Auto return to zero function
8.21 Various weighing units- gram、carat、ounce、pound etc
9. Real time clock setting
10. Fit with RS232 and USB interface
11.6V 2.8A rechargeable battery, can be used 48 hours continuously
12.Optional with under hook

1. Model Number: 
    A002-B1502A: 1500g
    A002-B2002A: 2000g
    A002-B2202B: 2200g
    A002-B3002A: 3000g
    A002-B3202B: 3200g
    A002-B5002:   5000g
2. Readability: 0.01g

3. Repeatability: ±0.02g
4. Linearity Error: ±0.02g; ±0.03g (5000g)
5. Stable time: ≤2s; ≤3s (5000g)
6. Preheat time: 20-30 minutes
7. Operational Temperature: 10-40℃
8. CAL weight: 500g (1500g); 1kg; 2kg (5000g)
9. Interface: RS232 and USB
10. Rechargeable battery: 6V 2.8A
11. Pan Size: 157x136x8mm
12. Housing Dimensions: 304x204x300mm (L*W*H)
13. Net weight/Gross weight: 3.05kg/4.05kg
14. Package size: 400x310x170mm (L*W*H)


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