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AE-770 Electrostatic Field Meter

AE-770 Electrostatic Field Meter

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AE-770 Electrostatic Field Meter

AE-770 is a palm-sized electrostatic measuring device ideal for checking ion balance and Sensor for polarity of static charge.
• Measuring polarity and intensity of static charge on parts and assembly lines
• Checking ion balance performance of various ionizers
For checking the performance of ionizers, locating and measuring electrostatic charge build-up, deciding best location for installing ionizers and testing their efficiency, etc.
Technical Specification:
Measuring range: 
Static voltage: ±0 ~ ±1.49 kV (Low range), ±1.0 ~ ±20.0 kV (High range)
Ion balance voltage measuring range 0 ~ ±200 V
Measuring distance: 25 mm ± 0.5 (between charged object and field meter)
Accuracy: ±10%
Ambient conditions: 10°C ~ 40°C, 68%RH or lower
Display: Large LCD display (Digital and bar graph)
Power: 9V, 6F22Y 
Weight with battery Approx. 140g without ion balance plate (Ion balance plate: Approx. 30g)


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