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AE-800 Megohmmeter

AE-800 Megohmmeter

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AE-800 Megohmmeter

The AE-800 Megohmmeter kit measures surface resistivity, resistance, temperature and humidity. It is designed to test conductive, anti-static, and static dissipative surfaces for electrical resistivity/resistance according to EOS/ESD, CECC, ANSI, ASTM and UL test procedures. The internal parallel electrodes comply with DIN EN 100 015/1 & ANSI/ESDA-S11.11. The five pound electrodes can be externally connected for tests according to IEC 61340-4-1, ANSI/ESDA S4.1 & ANSI/ESDA S7.1.
Resistivity: 103 ~1012 ohms/sq
Resistance: 103 ~1012 ohms
Relative Humidity: 10% – 90% RH
Temperature: 32ºF ~ 100ºF or 0ºC ~ 37.7ºC if Celsius model was purchased
Measuring voltage: 10v and 100v


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