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Air Cooled Light & Weather Fastness Tester AF001

Air Cooled Light & Weather Fastness Tester AF001

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Air Cooled Light & Weather Fastness Tester AF001

Air-cooled Weather Conditions Meter, to determine the color fastness and aging to sunlight, weather resistance, compound color fastness to sunlight-perspiration of colored textile, leather, leatheroid, plastic, etc, by setting various parameters of irradiance, temperature, humidity, spray to simulate natural condition in lab. Be able to control irradiance real-time, automatically inspect and compensate irradiance, temperature, humidity.
ISO 105-B02/B04/B06; AATCC TM16; JIS L0843
Note: this tester can conform to but not limit to all the standards above, for more standards conformance, please contact us.
1. Presetting various specifications, Custom program capability, meet diverse range of standards, including AATCC, ISO, BS, JIS etc
2. Automatic compensating system control the Xenon Lamp Power
3. EviewTM colorful touch screen, indicate the condition of chamber at real-time, be able to presetting irradiance, temperature, humidity, and plot dynamic curve of them. The operator simply selects the required test module and test standards; English user interface, diagram indicate condition of chamber, easy to use.
4. Low running cost, latest energy-saving technology, 2.5KWH/hour, no need for extra regulation
5. Manageable size is most appropriate to testing fabric samples, and easy access to sample holder
6. Chamber temperature control, irradiation temperature, and heater raise the temperature, air conditioning refrigeration, Irradiation control, light irradiance sensor monitor, digital setting, automatic compensating system, stepless adjustable.
7. Ultrasonic humidification system makes spray water even and low noise. Saturated steam humidifying, industrial refrigerating machine dehumidifying, and close loop control the humidity.
8. Dual redundant circuit designing to assure unit to work consistently and reliably
9. Custom program capability and storage for additional user-defined tests
10. Built-in diagnostics and warnings, automatic prompt when lamp or optical filters require changing. Multi-position sensor to supervise working condition, temperature, humidity, fan, xenon lamp, and door to chamber, it makes device work properly and reliably
11. Use driving clutch to connect turntable and motor, it makes turntable rotate freely and put sample easily without stopping unit
12. Safety monitoring point: irradiance, air flow, water level, chamber temperature, chamber door, over current, over voltage.
1. Power supply: AC220V±5% 50Hz 20A 4500W
2. Irradiation Source: 3000W Air-cooled Long Xenon Arc Lamp
3. Average Lamp Life: 1500 hours
4. Rack Rotating Speed: 5r/min
5. Diameter of Sample Rack: 350mm
6. Specimen Holder Exposure Area: 100×45mm (ISO); 140×70mm (AATCC)
7. Max Exposure Area of Specimen: 450
8. Chamber Temperature Range: (25~85) ±2
9. BST: (30~110) ±1
10. BPT: (30~100) ±2
11. Humidity Range: 15RH-85RH ±5%
12. Irradiance range: Wide Bandwidth Measurement: (35100)±1W/m2 @300400nm; Narrow Bandwidth Measurement: (0.5501.300+±0.02W/m2 @420nm
13. Cooler Power and Cooling Capacity: 1000W, 2400cal/hour
14. Instrument Dimension: 850×620×1750mm (L×W×H)
15. Instrument Weight: 230kg
16. Pollution Degree: 2


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