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AM001 Brake Fluid Tester

AM001 Brake Fluid Tester

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AM001 Brake Fluid Tester

* Test dot 3 & 4 brake fluid (dot 5 for ref. only) 
* 5 LED to indicate percent of water in the brake fluid. 
* Batteries: 1x 1.5V AAA 
* Immerse tester probe into brake fluid, press the button and for about 2 seconds the test result is indicated on the lightest diodes. 
* Green: Battery OK 
* Green/Yellow: Water content<1% 
* Green/Yellow/Yellow: Water content ≈2% 
* Green/Yellow/Yellow/Red: Water content ≈3%, change brake fluid 
* Green/Yellow/Yellow/Red/Red: Water content ≥ 4%,change brake fluid urgently


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