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AM005 Car/Golf Cart Battery 12V Recover

AM005 Car/Golf Cart Battery 12V Recover

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AM005 Car/Golf Cart Battery 12V Recover

The battery will be sulfated after use, the AM005 will remove the sulphate so that keep the battery in good condition. After install AM005, battery life can extend 3 times more, which means no need to change the battery.
Why good to install it?
1. Extend battery life to 3 times more.
2. Save 4~7% fuels (gasoline)
3. Engineer run stable and improve the power of engine. 
4. Keep power output stable to device in car such as Light, AC, Bluetooth, GPS, DVD, Ratio, CD …..
Why save fuel?
1. Keep car spark plug power in good condition, car power is 12V, but spark plug need 25000V, means if battery power output less 0.1V, power to spark plug less 200V, means will decrease the fuel combustion. Install AM005 will keep spark plug always to work in the right power.
2. Decrease car generator work power so that to save the fuel.
How to install?
It is easy DIY, just stop the car, the AM005 black wire (-) to car battery negative pole (-), red wire (+) to battery postivie pole (+).
Key PCB made in Korea. LED display to show power status, auto power off when car power off.


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