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AMA003 2 in 1 Thermometer

AMA003 2 in 1 Thermometer

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AMA003 2 in 1 Thermometer

AMA003 is dual thermometer that combines two precision functions in one unit: a non-contact infrared thermometer and a thermocouple thermometer. This unique thermometer measurement surface temperature with and without contact. Measures internal temperatures with type K thermocouple. With fast response, emissivity of 0.95, field of view of 2:1, it is an ideal range for non-contact accuracy thermometer, provides holds AVG, MIN & MAX values, backlight, ℃ and ℉ selectable, auto power off, and Data Hold. Applications include Refrigeration, Boiler, Pavement, Printer/Copier, HVAC/R, Automotive and Industrial Troubleshooting.
● Measuring Range: Infrared: -50 ~ 300°C (-58 ~ 572°F); Thermocouple: -200~1300°C (-328~2372°F) 
● Resolution: Infrared: 0.1°C/0.1°F; Thermocouple: 1°C/1°F (thermocouple above 1000°C) 
● Accuracy: Infrared: -50~-20°C/±5°C/9°F; -20~300°C/ ±(1.5% reading +3°C/5°F); Thermocouple: -200~-100°C/±(0.2%reading+1°C/2°F); -100~1300°C/ ±(0.1% reading +0.7°C/1.4°F) 
● Display: 4 digits LCD Display 
● Emissivity: 0.95 
● Field of view: 2:1 
● Laser power: Less than 1mw 
● Response time: 0.5 second 
● Auto power off: 25 seconds (infrared) or 20 minutes (thermocouple) 
● Special function: Data hold; MAX, MIN and AVG; Back light; Low battery indicator 
● Operating environment: 0 ~ 50°C (32~122°F), 0 ~ 90%RH
● Storage environment: -10 ~ 60°C (14~140°F), 0 ~ 80%RH
● Dimension: 121(L)x60(W)x30(H)mm
● Weight: about 180g


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