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AMC-003 Colony Counter

AMC-003 Colony Counter

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AMC-003 Colony Counter
AMC-003 colony counter is a digital display style semi-automatic bacteria inspection instrument. Counter probe pen, counting pool parts. Counter using CMOS integrated circuit design and manufacturing. Black depth background count tanks, saving circular fluorescent side-illumination contrast clear colonies. Rules of order in accordance with the bacteria count test instrument display is designed as a three-digit, more than 300 the number of colonies growing in a petri dish, the test sample should be diluted redo to ensure the accuracy of the count. This instrument can reduce the labor intensity of the laboratory personnel, and improve work efficiency and quality of work. The products are widely used in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, biological products, health supplies, drinking water, industrial waste water, the number of bacteria in clinical specimens testing. Essential equipment for all levels of health and epidemic prevention station, environmental monitoring stations, food hygiene supervision and inspection of the hospital, the biological products of the Institute for Drug Control, food factory, daily chemical factory and tertiary institutions, research units laboratory.
1. Counter Capacity: 0 to 999
2. Light source lamp power: 16W
3. Total power consumption: <20W
4. Power supply voltage: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
5. Volume: 280 × 230 × 90
6. Weight: 1.4kg


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