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AMC-107 Multifunctional Digital Barometric Altimeter Compass

AMC-107 Multifunctional Digital Barometric Altimeter Compass

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AMC-107 Multifunctional Digital Barometric Altimeter Compass

Multifunction  barometric altimeter & compass incorporates altimeter, barometer, thermometer, compass, flashlight and weather forecast functions etc. Adopting super-accuracy sensor from Swiss, it deserve to be called a professional outdoor equipment.
1. Altitude total gain/loss, 24 hours altitude record and trend chart
2. Max/Min altitude, temperature, humidity record 
3. 24 hours air pressure trend chart
4. Incorporate altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer and hygrometer functions etc.
5. Time, date, alarm clock functions
6. Built-in rechargeable battery
7. IPX4 waterproof
1. Altimeter: 
    1) Display range: -2296ft to 29500ft/-700m to 9000m
    2) Resolution: 1m/3ft
    3) Altimeter measurement: Sea level altitude/Climbing altitude
    4) The highest altitude record automatically during climbing: Available
    5) Altitude gain/loss calculation: Yes
    6) History altitude record: Record altitude every 30 minute
    7) Unit: M and Ft unit switch available
2. Barometer: 
    1) Display range: 300hpa to 1100hpa/8.8 to 32.6inHg
    2) Resolution: 0.1hpa 
    3) Unit: Millibar and InHg unit switch available
3. Thermometer: 
    1) Display range: -20ºC to 60ºC /-4ºF to 140ºF
    2) Resolution: 1ºC/1ºF
    3) Unit: Celsius and Fahrenheit unit switch available
    4) History temperature record: Max/min temperature record
4. Hygrometer: 
    1) Display range: 20% ~ 95%
    2) History humidity record: Max/min humidity record
5. Compass: 
    1) Display mode: 360º with eight directions
    2) Resolution: 1°
6. Weather forecast: 
    1) Forecast for future 12 to 24 hours weather
    2) Four weather status: Sunny-Slight sunny-Cloudy-Rain
    3) Time & Date: Display mode 24H or 12H available
7. LED torch: High-light LED torch
8. Backlight: 5 seconds high-light LED backlight
9. Waterproof: IPX4
10. Size: 100 x 66 x 20mm, net weight: 140g


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