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AMF029 Hot Wire Anemometer

AMF029 Hot Wire Anemometer

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AMF029 Hot Wire Anemometer

Slim sensor allows operation in small space and the extended handle can be used for more limited occasions.
1. Measuring Items: Air Velocity, Air Temperature, Air Quantity
2. Air Velocity Range: 0~30m/s
3. Air Temperature Range: 0~45°C, 32~113°F
4. Air Quantity Range: 0~999900M³/min
5. Resolution: 0.001m/s, 0.1°C
6. Unit of Velocity: m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr, mph
7. °C/°F Selection
8. Air Temperature Accuracy: ±2°C
9. Air Velocity Accuracy: ±3%
10. Max/Min Reading
11. Average/Current Reading
12. Data Hold
13. Backlight Function
14. Low Battery Indication
15. Manual/Auto Power Off
16. USB Interface
17. Power Supply: 4 x AAA Battery
18. Unit Size: 76.8 x 38 x 170.4mm


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