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AMF031,AMF032,AMF033 Pressure Manometer

AMF031,AMF032,AMF033 Pressure Manometer

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AMF031,AMF032,AMF033 Pressure Manometer

This unit is widely used in measuring fan pressure, wind speed, oven pressure and hydraulic system. It can also be used controlling the gas ratio in combustion and valve control, monitoring blood pressure, breath pressure with other medical device. 
1. With 11 units to select: Bar, mBar, kPa, Kgf/cm², mmHg, cmH2O, Ozf/in², psi, inHg, inH2O, ftH2O.
2. USB port allows you to connect with computer.
Model AMF031 AMF032 AMF033
Measuring Range ±10kPa ±35kPa
Display LCD Display
Accuracy ±0.3% FSO (25℃)
Repeatability ±0.2% (Maximum ±0.5% FSO)
Max Pressure 50kPa 150kPa
Response Time Typical 0.5s
Low Battery Indications YES
Temperature Compensation NO YES
Up Overload Positive Alert Err.1
Up Overload Negative Alert Err.1
Operating Temperature 0~50
Storage Temperature -10~60
Power 4 x AAAA
USB Interface YES


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