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AMF041 Inductive Wood Moisture meter

AMF041 Inductive Wood Moisture meter

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AMF041 Inductive Wood Moisture meter

Make inductive measurement of the moisture content of wood using the high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

1. 8 grades of wood density (from 0.27~1.05g/cm³) available.
2. It has the functions of setting the moisture upper limit and warning.
3. Automatic compensation for environmental temperature.
4. Measuring Range: 0~50%, Temperature: 0-50°C(32-122°F)
5. Resolution: 0.5%, Tempe: 0.1°C
6. Detection Depth: 0-50mm
7. Battery: 9V battery
8. Dimension: 64*31*126mm
9. Weight: 146g


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