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AMF070 EP (Electric Power) Timer

AMF070 EP (Electric Power) Timer

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EP (Electric Power) Timer AMF070

1. Rating Current: AC10A
2. Ration Voltage: 250V
3. Rating Power: 2500W
4. USB Voltage: 5V
5. USB Current: ≤1A
6. Operating Temperature: 0°C~40°C 
7. Programmable Units: 20 groups/day
8. Cycle: 7 days
9. Time Setting Range: Recycling Weekly or daily as per the programmed from 1 minute to 168 hours
10. Fix Consumption: <0.5W
11. Minimum interval between on/off: one minute
12. Plug: National standard, triangle plug type
13. Timing on/off: √
14. USB Recharging: √
15. Light: √
16. Clock: √


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