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AMT208 Temp. Humidity Monitor and Online Loggers

AMT208 Temp. Humidity Monitor and Online Loggers



Features & Application:
1.Wall mount, Desktop in one monitor. 
2.Super large LCD display. 
3.Big power button and 5 operation keys. 
4.Up to 2s RH response, and high accuracy.
5.Widely used in lab, home, school, office, hospital ect. 
1. Temp. range: -20°C~50°C 
2. Temp. resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F  
3. Temp. accuracy: ±1°C(-10°C~50°C)  
4. RH% range: 20~90%RH  
5. RH% accuracy: ±5%RH(at 25ºC)  
6. LCD display: 85x56mm jumbo size
7. Online logging capacity: 64000 points (meter no memory)
8. Visable LED alarm, Hi/Lo setting
9. Wall mount and desktop
10. Power: AC Adaptor (Optional) or Batteries(AAAx4pcs)


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