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AMT500 Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter)

AMT500 Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter)

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AMT500 Colorimeter (Color Difference Meter)

1. Easy Operation make you use it easily
2. Widely applied to quality control of plastic and printing industries
3. Display directly color difference by △E*ab, CIE_L*a*b, △L*a*b, CIE_L*c*h
4. Standard deviation within △E*ab0.2 (Test condition: choose average values by 12 pcs white tabula)
5. Measure any color of smooth surface
6. It can be connected with computer to do the inspection by soft ware with USB expansion interface.
1. Test accuracy: Within 0.2△E*ab 
2. Display: △E*ab; CIE_Lab; △L; △a; △b; CIE_Lch 
3. Test range: L:0~100; a: -128~127; b: -128~127 
4. Test time:  About 3 seconds 
5. Test aperture: Ф8mm 
6. Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes waiting 
7. Light source: C light source 
8. Sensor Correct: silicon photodiode (seed array) 
9. Power: DC/5V (1.5A), two 1.5V (AAA) batteries 
10. Operating environment: 0~+40℃; RH: less than 85% 
11. Size: 170×50×48.8mm 
12. Weight: 204g


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