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AMT503 Single Angle Gloss meter

AMT503 Single Angle Gloss meter

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Single Angle Gloss meter AMT503

1. Exquisite design more ergonomic, allowing you to use handy.
2. English user interface, operate more simple and convenient.
3. Three-angle gloss data also showed that different gloss conditions to meet your data needs.
4. The latest Bluetooth and removable storage cards allow you to exchange data more easily.
5. Dedicated software can help you gloss for data analysis and output.
6. Applications Surface luster measure for printing ink, oil paint, bake lacquer, coat, woodwork ect.
7. Surface luster measure for construction decoration materials: Marble; granite; glass chemical polishing brick, pottery brick 
8. The surface luster measure for plastic, sheet
9. The surface luster measure for other non-metal materials

1. Measuring Angle: Gs(60°): 0.0~120GU; Gs(60°): 120~1000GU
2. Measuring Spot: Gs(60°): 9x15mm
3. Resolution: 0.1/1GU

4. Reproducibility: 0.2/0.2%
5. Repeatability: 0.5/0.5%
6. Deviation: +-1.5/+1.5%
7. Zero Point Deviation: 0.2
8. Operating Temperature: 10°~40°C
9. Storage Temp: -10°~70°C
10. Relative Humidity: Less then 85%,Non-condensing
11. Power Supply: 4 AAA alkaline Battery (optional)
12. Size: 163.8*58.1*88.3mm
13. Weight: 520g


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