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AMT570 AMT571 AMT572 AMT573 Colour Spectrophotometer

AMT570 AMT571 AMT572 AMT573 Colour Spectrophotometer

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Colour Spectrophotometer
Order No.: AMT570 Measuring Caliber: 8mm
Order No.: AMT571 Measuring Caliber: 4mm
Order No.: AMT572 Measuring Caliber: 16mm
Order No.: AMT573 Measuring Caliber: 45° 8mm

This is our latest launched spectrophotometer, it adopts cutting-edge technology with high quality high accuracy and can be used for many industries like painting,plastic,textile,good,medical etc.

Geometric Conditions: CIE recommended lighting reception method:d/8
Color Space: CIEL*a*b, CIEL*C*h, Yxy
Standard Light Source: A, C, D65, F2,(CWF)
Color Difference Formula: CIE DELTA E*ab, CIE DELTA E*Ch
Light Source: Combination LED
Sensor Array: CCD@2048 Pixels 
Spectral Way: Diffraction grating
Measuring Caliber: 4mm or 8mm or 16mm or 45° 8mm 
Observer: CIE10 degree standard observer, CIE2 degree standard observer
Wavelength Coverage: 400-700nm
Wavelength Interval: 10nm
Measuring Interval: 1.5 seconds
Measuring Range: L: 0-100
Repeated Accuracy: Delta E<0.08(take the devitation average after 30 times measuring the white board)
Table Difference: Delta E<0.5(measure the X-Rite 24-color card)
Battery Power: Measuring 10000 times
Data Storage Capacity: Storage standard sample 100
Storage Sample: 16000
Light Source Life: Over 20000hrs
Display Screen: TFT true color 2.8 inch@16:9
Size: 199*68*90mm
Exterior Package Size: 380*325*185mm
Weight: 2.7kgs
Humidity Temperature: -10° to 40°
Storage Temperature: -20° to 50°
Working Humidity: Relative humidity less than 85%,without condensation
Standard Accessories: Power Adapter,standard white board,standard black cavity,lithium battery
Optional Accessories: Micro printer


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