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AMT8100 Digital Alcohol Tester

AMT8100 Digital Alcohol Tester

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AMT8100 Digital Alcohol Tester
1. Healthy anti-return mouthpieces
2. Fashioned colorized LCD indication
3. Real temperature and time indication
4. Automatic procedures for sampling, 
5. simple operation and calibration by user
6. Password management
7. Passive testing available
8. Printer and computer communication optional
9. Comply with NF and DOT standard 
Main Techniques 
1. Sensor : Fuel cell Alcohol sensor
2. Power: 2×AA batteries, rating capacity: 2.1AH,
3. Working Tem: -10~50°C; Storage Tem: -40~70°C
4. Detection Range:0.000 – 2.000mg/L
5. Accuracy: <0.200 ±0.025mg/L, 0.200~0.400 ±0.040mg/L, 0.400~.2.000 ±10%
6. Pass level indication: 0.090mg/L
7. Fail level indication: 0.250mg/L
8. Response Time: T <30s
9. Working Hum Range: <95%RH (No Dews)


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