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AMT932 Lab Water Hardness Tester (Sensor made in UK)

AMT932 Lab Water Hardness Tester (Sensor made in UK)

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Lab Water Hardness Tester AMT932 (Sensor made in UK)
Professional benchtop water hardness meter, 5 points calibration, 8 selectable measurement units. The meter is suitable for laboratory applications. Accuracy: 1% F.S.
• Professional water hardness meter is equipped with a large backlit LCD display.
• 2 to 5 points push-button calibration from low to high concentrations.
• Selectable measurement units, including the mmol/L, mg/L, German degree, English degree
and French degree.
• Automatic Temperature Compensation provides accurate reading over the entire range.
• Calibration Due Reminder prompts user to calibrate the meter regularly.
• Stability indicator shows when a measurement is recognized as stable.
• Auto-Hold feature senses and locks the measurement endpoint
• Setup menu allows setting the 7 parameters, including the number of calibration points,
stability criteria, auto-power off, etc.
• Reset feature automatically resumes all settings back to factory default options.
• Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 500 data sets.
• Stored data can be transferred into computer by USB communication interface.
Hardness specifications:
1. Range: 0.05~200mmol/L
2. Range (CaCO3): 0~19999mg/L
3. Range (CaO): 0~11220mg/L
4. Range (Boiler): 0~400mmol/L
5. Range (Ca): 0~8020mg/L
6. Range (German Degree): 0~1122°dH
7. Range (French Degree): 0~2000°f
8. Range (English Degree): 0~1404°e
9. Accuracy: ±1% F.S
10. Calibration Points: 2 to 5 points
11. Calibration Solutions: 0.001, 0.01, 0.1mmol/L, mol/L
Temperature specifications:
1. Range: 0~105°C
2. Accuracy: ±0.5°C
3. Resolution: 0.1°C
4. Calibration Points: 1 point
5. Calibration Range: Measured value ±10°C
Others specifications:
1. Temperature Compensation: 0~50°C
2. Compensation Mode: Manual or Automatic
3. Hold Function: Manual or Automatic endpoint detection
4. Stability Criteria: Low or High
5. Calibration Due: 1 to 31 days
6. Power Off: Manual or Automatic (10, 20, 30 minutes)
7. Reset Function: Yes
8. Memory: Stores up to 500 data sets
9. Output: USB communication interface
10. Connector: BNC
11. Display: LCD (130×110mm)
12. Power Requirements: DC5V, using AC adapter, 220VAC/50Hz
13. Dimensions: 210(L)×180(W)×60(H)mm
14. Weight: 1.5kg


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