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Anemometer Wind Speed Meter MS6252A

Anemometer Wind Speed Meter MS6252A

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Anemometer Wind Speed Meter MS6252A
This meter is a portable, professional measuring instrument with large-screen LCD and backlight, multi-unit switching functions. It can be used for hand-held or fixed measurement. This meter has the functions of reading hold, maximum, minimum, etc. It has a low battery indicator and USB real time data uploading functions.
1. Air Velocity:                                     Range:          Accuracy:
    1) m/s (meter per second):            0.40~30.0       ±(2.0%+50)
    2) ft/m (feet per minute):                80~5900         ±(2.0%+50)
    3) km/h (kilometer per hour):         1.4~108.0       ±(2.0%+50)
    4) mile/h (mile per hour):                0.9~67.0        ±(2.0%+50)
    5) Knots (nautical miles per hour):  0.8~58.0       ±(2.0%+50)
2. Air Flow: Range               Area
    1) CFM: 0 to 99990       0~9.999ft²
    2) CMM: 0 to 99990      0~9.999m²
    3) CMS:  0 to 9999        0~9.999m²
3. Flow Area Setting
4. MAX/MIN Function
5. Display Back light
6. Auto Power Off
7. Low Battery indication
8. Power Supply: 1 x 9V 6F22
9. Size: 165 x 85 x 38mm
10. Weight: 200g


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