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AS19 Oil Free Airbrush Compressor

AS19 Oil Free Airbrush Compressor

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Oil Free Airbrush Compressor AS19

Power: 1/4 HP
Voltage: 220-240V / 50HZ; 110V-120V /60HZ
RPM: 50HZ: 1450/min; 60HZ: 1700/min
Auto stop: 4Bar/57PSI. Auto start: 3Bar/43PSI.
Max pressure: 6Bar/86PSI.  
Air flow: 35-40L/Min
Net Weight: 5.5KG
Dimension: 330 x 135 x 205mm
Package: Carton Dimensions: 68 x 40 x 27cmm; 4pcs/CTN.  
Net weight: 22Kg; Grass weight: 24Kg 
Certificate: CE, GS, ROHS, ETL, CETL
1. Double cylinder, high air flow, can operate with many airbrushes
2. Oil free, piston type, no air polluted
3. Air Pressure gauge, water filter, pressure adjustable
4. double air pressure switch: 1) low pressure auto stop switch, for airbrush purpose; 2) high pressure none stop switch, for other high pressure air tools.
5. It can start with pressure, continuous working, powerful
6. Thermally overload protected
7. Low noise, 47db.
Suitable For: this machine is Double Cylinder airbrush Compressor. apply to screen higher, voltage supply inkjet printer and you want a larger diameter injection pen, or dual-use, can be matched with all kinds of art-art inkjet. Can be widely used for body painting, t-shirt painting, arts and crafts, toys, models, surface painting, decoration, art-art of painting; can also be matched with small gas nail guns, pneumatic tools; and for the pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, and automatic control of scientific research and other industries to provide gas source.


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