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Automatic Calorimeter ZR9302

Automatic Calorimeter ZR9302

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Widely used for Electric power, coal mine, paper making, petroleum, chemical, research institute to test the calorimeter of Coal, Coke, petroleum, cement ect.
●Execution standard: Q/AEKV001-2011;
●Analysis precision: in accordance with GB/T213-2008;
●Working power: 220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz, ≤0.2kW;
●Temperature measurement range: 5ºC~35ºC;
●Temperature resolution: 0.0001ºC;
●Testing time: around 8min at main phase, 5min at main phase in rapid test;
●Size: 830mm×460mm×420mm;
●Weight: 82kg
Model ZR9302 device cover is manual operation, cooling system is semiconductor refrigeration; model ZRQ9703 and ZRQ9704 has Oxygen Bomb automatic lifting system, cooling system is Refrigeration compressor, multi temperature sensor. Model ZRQ9704 can automatic charge and discharge oxygen.


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