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BT600L Flow Stainless Steel Peristaltic Pump Serials

BT600L Flow Stainless Steel Peristaltic Pump Serials

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Flow Stainless Steel Peristaltic Pump BT600L Serials

Function and Features:
• Multi term patent technologies guarantee the peristaltic pump work at its best.
• Color touch screen, making the information more intuitive and the operation more convenient;
• Intelligence expert operating system can guarantee smooth operation even the operator never used such kind of machine before;
• The function of cumulative distribution of liquid can record total liquid volume;
• Intelligent temperature control temperature greatly reduces the operating noise of cool exhaust fan, and energy conservation. 
• it can be directly set the flow;
• Unique dispensing function, simple operation, suitable for general accuracy of the liquid-dispensing, reduces the human operation errors, improve work efficiency;
• Infrared remote control function, it can be non-contact control;
• BT300L dust-proof type of stainless steel case design, suitable for general industrial environments
• For pump head: YZ15, 2 x YZ15, YZ25, 2 x YZ25
• Flow range:0.006 ~ 2300(ml/min)
Technical Data:
• Speed range: 0.1 ~ 600 rpm
• Speed resolution: 0.1 rpm, with accuracy 0.2%
• Display: 65535 color LCD + touch screen
• Supply Voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50/60HZ
• Power ratio: < 50W
• Working Environment: Temperature: 0 ~ 40℃ Relative humidity: <80%
• Protection level: IP31
• Dimensions: (L x W x H) 223 x 150 x 195mm
• Weight: 5.2kg
• External control start and stop, external control orientation, Isolated, TTL level input; 0-5V/10V, 4-20mA, 0-10KHz speed control input; support RS485 bus, MODBUS communication protocol.

Order Number Channels Pump Head Tube Size Flow Rate of Single Channel (ml/min)
BT600L-D1 1 YZ15 13#,14#,19#,16#,25#,17# 0.006~1700
BT600L-D2 1 YZ25 15#,24# 0.16~1700
BT600L-D3 2 YZ15*2 13#,14#,19#,16#,25#,17# 0.006~1700 (<0.1MPa)
BT600L-D4 2 YZ25*2 15#,24# 0.16~1700 (<0.1MPa)
BT600L-D5 1 YT15 13#,14#,19#,16#,25#,17#,18# 0.006~2300
BT600L-D6 1 YT25 15#,24#,35#,36 0.16~2900 (<0.1MPa)
BT600L-D7 2 YT15*2 13#,14#,19#,16#,25#,17#,18# 0.006~2300 (<0.1MPa)


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