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BX615 Multi Gas Detector

BX615 Multi Gas Detector

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BX615 Multi Gas Detector

Warning modes: Alarm/Flash/Vibration
Power supply: 1800MA.H
Battery Life: 10 hours 
Sensor life: 24 months per sensor
Suitable working environment: -10~+50°C, 15~95%RH
Blast grade: EXiaIICT4
Net weight: 200 gram
Dimensions: 98x65x30 mm
1. CO: Range: 0~1000PPM; Resolution: 1PPM; Accuracy: ±5%; Response time: 40s
2. H2S: Range: 0~100PPM; Resolution: 1PPM; Accuracy: ±5%; Response time: 60s
3. O2: Range: 0~25%VOL; Resolution:0.1%;Accuracy: ±0.7%; Response time:30s
4. CH4: Range: 0~100%LEL; Resolution: 0.1%; Accuracy: ±5%; Response time:40s


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